Development Tools and Component Bargains

Well, the joys of moving home!! – I need to get rid of some stuff and it’s too good to be scrapped.

I’ve just popped a sale page online, HERE, have a look there are some real bargains in there.

I’ll be uploading stuff most days for a while, so check often.

There are microcontroller development tools worth from $20 to over $3000 and all starting at silly prices.

Some of the Emulators I have to list are huge boxes, inside full of high speed memory and FPGAs, with quality leads and power supplies – Great to use as-is or re-engineer into test or control equipment.

I’ve also come across a box of ICs, that I’ve kept safe for a while, but never actually had need to use, so they’re on there too. There are 100′s and 100′s of them, including 50 EPROMS including 2764, 27128 and 27256.

Some of the development tools have bundled C compilers, may be programmers and/or debuggers. Some Development Kits are for 8bit devices, such as ST7, some for ST5 Fuzzy Controllers, others for 32bit ARM7 devices.

Also – I have some component packs listed, all at just 99p.
If you buy 6 or more of these packs, then the postage is free.

(This does not include postage on other items such as the development tools etc, but we’re happy to offer combined postage)

Ekits – New Look, New Features

At last, we’ve changed the site!! – it was long overdue, but we’ve been so busy.

Keep visiting often as we’ll be adding many projects and information pages in the near future.

Even better than that, our Shop will be online very soon too, we will have all the usual bits that you need for your projects, resistors, capacitors, Leds, switches, speakers, sounders, prototyping materials, motors, gears and so much more.

Even better than this, we will have a Bargain Bin – loads and loads of component packs at great prices, ideal to top up your project and component bins.

Can it get better? – YES – you can also get FREE Component Packs, check out the Bargain Bin Pages for more information.

The shop was planned to be online 15th May 2010, slightly later than planned, but now has to be later due to moving house.

The shop and it’s launch offers will be online Tuseday 1st June – sorry for the delay.

Early customers can claim a special offer, this is limited, so get yours quickly..

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